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Sexuality offers many nuances, options and paths, and ‘kinky’ sex is one of them. It is daring, spontaneous, mischievous, explosive and a bit wild sex. With a ‘kinky’ partner, you never know what your day brings you: a pitched battle with pillows, love simmering in the kitchen, a ‘bondage’ proposition or a passionate session in the sea taking advantage of the swaying of the waves. With her, surprises come alone.

Who wouldn’t want to add a touch of novelty, passion and joy to their sex life? The best thing is that anyone, man or woman, can become a ‘kinky’ lover. The only way is that one of the two wants to change. As the sexologist Núria Jorba explains in east London mistress , it does not have more demand than the imagination and the desire not to fall into the yawn. And if imagination fails, there is always the resource of erotic cinema and the recreation of the most exciting scenes, imitating positions, roles, situations, etc. Or an erotic text as a preamble to awaken the carnal desire .

To get an idea, a ‘kinky’ woman always keeps a silk scarf, a feather, a dildo or a garter on her nightstand. For his part, the ‘kinky’ man likes to play obscene words that make his partner feel desired and sexy. Other couples go a step further with practices that trigger an explosive adrenaline rush: sex in a public place , fetishes or sadomasochistic games. In the most extreme practices, the couple share a ‘safeword’ or secret word to indicate that one wants to stop.

Leaving aside that it is considered sexist (after all, it is a novel) and without questioning its literary quality, it is clear that it has the (doubtful) merit of bringing BDSM closer to many interested people who until now were unaware of it, So once you get into flour, why not dive into some really fascinating readings on the subject?

The term east London mistress is currently composed of the initials of Bondage, Discipline or Domination, Submission or Sadism and Masochism . Grey’s relationship with Anastasia includes a pinch of each of them, and maybe that’s why he caused such a stir in his first appearance, but needless to say, James did not invent anything at all. Here are some good works that prove it, most of them much earlier in time. Although initially published anonymously in 1795, it is one of the most prominent writings of the famous French writer and philosopher, Marquis de Sade, to whom we owe the term sadism.