Handsome Black London Mistress

As everyone will know by now, the handsome but intractable Christian Gray has stereotyped the dark and sordid world of BDSM for the vast crowd . So dark that many of you are sure to put your hands on your head cursing this servant who only talks about sex. What do you want, this is a black London mistress blog! It will never be my pretensions that you end up becoming Giacomo Casanova or unruly disciples of the disturbed Marquis de Sade, that impious lover who,¬† after an orgy with an entourage of prostitutes , was accused of poisoning them by giving them a taste of “Spanish fly.” I am content that they learn and apprehend the basic knowledge so that they master this surreptitious¬† savoir faire¬† in any red room that comes your way visit here

For most earthlings the BDSMista universe  ( bondage , discipline, domination, submission and sadomasochism) is considered as taboo and an almost inaccessible practice. Very bad. Almost all of you imagine that this is about what to put or that they put ostias like bread in one, of lynchings that laugh at the vandalism interventions of the Hooligans or of being slaves for one night and whipping you until the meat jumps out making you suffer the unspeakable. Pain is part of sadomasochism only for some of the people who practice it. For others (I would say that the vast majority) it is the opposite, because there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy black London mistress without having a hard time and enjoying the beauty without ending up like the rosary of dawn. We have not come here to suffer. Although some crazy yes.

The punishment of a submissive lover who has become rebellious may consist of having to abide without question, from imposing on him to disguise himself as a pepona doll to tying him to the headboard or leg of the bed, blindfolding him and giving him the best blowjob or cunnilingus of your life. Doesn’t sound bad does it? Of course, putting some spice to the matter. Sell   your prey or strictly forbid it to touch you or you will be forced to give it your well deserved spanking. He who warns is not a traitor. E l art of spanking is delightfully curious , we will address shortly .

A gag, within the adult industry and eroticism, is anything used to prevent speech. It plays an important role in BDSM games and practices , where the person who uses this accessory is usually the one who enjoys submission. The dominant enjoys the gag. From the fact of inhibiting speech in the submissive. Although it can be very exciting it can also be very dangerous. Especially if you do not remember in advance a clear signal that you are being annoying or dangerous to the life of the submissive.

The gag and the use of it generally have fetishistic connotations. Most of the people who love black London mistress, use gags when they perform practices like Bondage . Let us remember that Bondage is a practice where the immobilization of the other generates pleasure. The use of this element is also used in sadism and masochism, to prevent the submissive from alerting neighbors with screams. The gag is also carried by the submissive as punishment. Normally when he disobeys orders who takes the role of master or dominant.