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His work for many years has been considered pornographic, repulsive or at best erotic, but if we put prejudice aside we will find in his lyrics a deep exploration of the limits of morality , sex, desire and social hypocrisy. , which is still transgressive today in East London Mistress .Philosophy in the boudoir is not one of those light libertine novels, which were so fashionable in their time, but that does not mean that it ceases to be entertaining and entertaining, because above all else the Marquis was a magnificent writer, who knew how to interest and create expectations while he narrated all kinds of depraved inventions to us visit here.

It is also part of the history, specifically of the French Revolution, although it focuses mainly on the conversion to the perverse life of a teenager, by the hand of three instructors.If we owe sadism to Sade, it is easy to deduce that to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch we owe the use of the word masochism. Published 75 years later, in 1870, La Venus de las Pieles narrates the life of a man in love, who manages to convince the woman he adores to make him her slave and punish him both physically and psychologically.

It includes a whole catalog of masochistic fantasies , especially masculine, but it doesn’t just stay on the surface, but rather narrates them in the first person, so that we can get to the bottom of what the protagonist feels, fears and needs. It is so current that it makes the hair stand on end to think that it was written almost a century and a half ago.It appeared a few years later, in 1954, but it is the classic of the BDSM genre par excellence . From its pages, practices, postures and amulets have been extracted that today still identify those who practice Domination / submission, such as the slave ring or the leather necklace and bracelets.

The book was a real scandal, especially because its author was a woman and its protagonist suffered, but also enjoyed , a multitude of sadomasochistic experiences, in order to literally become a sexual object, thus satisfying her lover. The same one who first leaves her in a castle to be trained and then gives her to another man permanently.

It contains perhaps one of the most beautiful and at the same time illustrative phrases on this subject:

Or she wondered why so much sweetness was mixed with her terror, or why her terror seemed so sweet. But no one expects a Corín Tellado romantic story like the ones in the Gray universe, because fortunately, it is on a very different level.More than two decades have passed since its first publication and its author, who was only 20 years old by 1993, died shortly after in a tragic car accident, but it is one of the contemporary novels about east London mistress that has had the most impact, both for how young Vanessa Duriès was when she wrote it, as well as everything that is crude, sincere and autobiographical about her story.

The Binding tells precisely that, the bond that exists between a submissive and her Master, between an adolescent and the man who dominates her, and how this generates a relationship of reciprocal dependence. Sadomasochistic practices also have a lot of prominence and are sometimes quite strong, especially considering the tendency to soften everything that predominates in current success books.Among the most recent, I rescue a 2006 novel that is totally unmarked from the frivolities that are being published lately. Of the hidden and the subtle could not even be classified as a BDSM novel to use, but if it completely immerses us in the ins and outs of domination, submission and above all delivery , through a protagonist eager to know her true nature and a teacher embodied in the figure of a doctor.

Madam Storm and Mr Marcus

The journey begins with a girl in her 30s who is doing a doctoral thesis on “Sade and evil” and … the rest is better to discover while devouring the pages.Of course, all the previous books are still classified in the fiction genre, so yes, in addition to reading novels, someone is curious to enter the world that timidly peeks into 50 shades, or simply would like to try any of BDSM practices, it is best to put aside unrealizable or even dangerous fantasies for a moment and focus on three other vitally important acronyms:

SSC: Healthy, Safe And Consensual

Essential for both long-term relationships and sporadic games. The main thing is to make sure that both our body and our mind in east London mistress will remain safe. To do this, nothing like reading what the experts in the field recommend.