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There are several types of jaws. These are used according to the sexual practice that you want to develop. It will be in accordance with what the submissive wants to experience. According to what the dominant wants to do and make the submissive feel. It will depend on the reaction of the submissive’s body to its different materials. And, according … Read the rest

How To Be A Dominatrix?

I was a vanilla dominatrix , something slightly different from the usual stereotype of domineering. I am part of a new trend of dominatrix London whose practices are based more on the mind control of men than on whips and chains. He wore office clothes, or the clothes he would wear to a bar, and it never ended with penetration, … Read the rest

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His work for many years has been considered pornographic, repulsive or at best erotic, but if we put prejudice aside we will find in his lyrics a deep exploration of the limits of morality , sex, desire and social hypocrisy. , which is still transgressive today in East London Mistress .Philosophy in the boudoir is not one of those light … Read the rest

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The participants of this study emphasized that to carry out these practices, a series of steps must be followed. In the first place, it is essential that both people are healthy, both mentally and physically, which implies, among some things, having emotional stability, not being upset, not being depressed, etc. Second, the practice must be carried out progressively, that is, … Read the rest

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As everyone will know by now, the handsome but intractable Christian Gray has stereotyped the dark and sordid world of BDSM for the vast crowd . So dark that many of you are sure to put your hands on your head cursing this servant who only talks about sex. What do you want, this is a black London mistress blog! … Read the rest

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The controlling it yields temporarily and recovers once the sexual game is over. The main motivation of these submissives is sex . But it should not be confused with women who have rough or “unconventional” black London mistress without the submission component . The difference is that these people seek mutual sexual satisfaction with these games, while a sexual submissive … Read the rest

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Celebrate International BDSM Day with more than 100 articles with tips, postures and stories in our east London mistress  or read Mimmi Kass’s series of stories, El Castillo: Make this honeymoon an unforgettable memory with the gift you keep giving https://www.nicolebdsm.com/east-london-mistress/

Rekindle the flame and rekindle the passion for romance and intimacy with this honeymoon bondage game. Perfect for beginners … Read the rest

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Learn to use each accessory, as proper use requires a little practice. For example, a dominatrix will need to do some tests with a new whip to learn how to provoke the desired level of pain, without leaving marks — practice and learn a lot about her accessories before starting to use them in earnest. Talk to your partner of … Read the rest